Freshwater is a term used for a water that has no significant amount of salt or low concentration of salt. Freshwater pertains to bodies of water like ponds, rivers, streams and lakes. Rainfall is also an example of freshwater. However, most the rainfall that hits the surface of the earth is mostly insignificantly. If  it evaporates immediately or it is used by plants through the process of productive transpiration. Agriculture is the majority consumer of freshwater, 70% to be exact. This only proves that it is very much important to delve into freshwater and it’s capacity to contribute to agriculture. Moreover, freshwater is considered as a renewable resource which is essential for the survival of most terrestrial organisms. As a drinking water for human beings and is also particular for its contribution in agriculture.

Approximately, there are only 2.5% of freshwater here on Earth. It goes little by little due to our massive use of it in our day to day lives. The agriculture sector is already competing with the people’s everyday use and environmental needs. Especially where irrigation is involved, if this continues there is a great threat that our ecosystem would literally dry up. Not to mention the climate change that could bring unpredictable changes in the availability of freshwater. There is a possibility that half of the population will suffer water stress. Where the supply of water is not sufficient enough to sustain the demand of freshwater. This occurrence have led the development of a process that has been proven and tested that would help stop the scarcity of freshwater – Desalination Process.


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What is Desalinization?

Desalinization is the process of removing dissolved salt from the water in order to produce fresh water from both seawater or brackish water. This requires driving forces including pressure, electric potential and concentration to overcome natural osmotic pressure. Effectively force water through the separation process. Such technology is energy intensive.

Over120 countries in the world uses desalination process, including Saudi Arabia, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Cyprus, Malta, Gibraltar, Cape Verd e, Portugal, Greece, Italy, India, China, Japan, and Australia. More than the existing 21,000 desalination plants today almost 50 percent use seawater to produce fresh water and the rest uses brackish water. This technology also contributes a lot to countries where there is no much agricultural resources like water. Since, desalination process would allow them to have access to freshwater. Thus, they would be able to produce goods particularly agricultural goods.

Revolutionizing Agriculture in Arid Places- Sun Drop Farms

The Sundrop Farm uses desalination process for their irrigation system. By means of desalination they can minimize their use of the actual freshwater. Instead using seawater and convert it into a non salinity water. The Sundrop Farm uses solar panels to regulate the desalination process. Therefore, the Sundrop Farm’s way of converting seawater to freshwater is healthy to our natural environment. It does not contribute to the pollution compared to other traditional fossil fuels used typically in most farms. Through this technology, the Sundrop Farm have continued in growing delicious tomatoes which can be found in stores nationwide. In addition to that, the Sundrop Farm also serves as a cooling system in the greenhouse. Through it pursuit in developing processes which are eco friendly.

However, the desalination process through the desalination machine suits not only extreme usage of water or for farm purposes. It is also applicable to low-scale usage like the most basic drinking water or any water used for environmental purposes. Such as, watering the plants and also for any human day to day activities that involves freshwater. It is a great way to help the Earth and to avoid the scarcity of freshwater. If we can convert more saltwater into a freshwater. We could defy the natural phenomenon of freshwater scarcity and supply more freshwater that we could all use safely.

Summing it up!

Water is a basic commodity to human beings and is also essential in order for agriculture to function extremely and naturally. In the case of agriculture, who is the majority consumer of freshwater, desalination is a great way to avoid scarcity.  At the same time not compromise any agricultural activities. Our food consumption and other necessities is dependent on agriculture. Therefore, it is very very important for us to find ways to improve and develop it’s systems. Let us take part in the defense of freshwater scarcity. Contact your agricultural engineer now or any who is proficient about agricultural engineering. Let us promote alternatives like the desalination process through desalination machine for the development and sustainability of the Earth.


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