You don’t need a GPS device or Survey Team!


These mobile applications are useful for different users. Buying a GPS device is quite expensive especially for personal use. We all know that surveying is quite hard especially when you are a one man team. Hiring someone to calculate a tract land would be very expensive and costly. It would be take a lot of time and effort to measure a specific area. However, these mobile applications will make surveying easy for you. Well, say no more for those tedious tasks.

Practical Usage of these mobile apps:

1.) Reconnaissance survey
2.) Roofing
3.) Facilities Mapping
4.) Farm Fencing
5.) Construction Survey
6.) Leisure Activities ( Vacation, Biking and Running)
7.) Solar Panel Estimation


Geo Measure Area Calculator

Geo Measure Area Calculator is a free tool which is offered by MORO Apps. It can calculate areas and distances using manual measurement and GPS measurement. Manual measurement procedure is similar to Google Earth Pro’s of measuring distances and areas. GPS measurement procedure is similar to the method in using GPS devices. However, the accuracy is not stated in said mobile application. It has also a feature of export KML file and share.


Gps Area Calculator


Gps Area Calculator is offered by KBK INFOSOFT. The ways of measuring the distances and areas is through GPS and Manual measurement. The mobile application quite has lots of ads when which makes it too cluttered. However, it has a good interface and quite the best. The search of locations is powered by Google which makes a little bit better than its competitors.


GPS Fields Area Measure


GPS Fields Area Measure is also free tool which is offered by Studio Noframe. It has similar features with others regarding the method of measuring. However, it has better user interface compared to other apps. The app is easy to use and navigate. I have tried the app personally and its quite accurate. The mobile application is available in more than 20 available languages to choose. There is also a ProVersion of the app which cost around 15 dollars.