Scottish Island model for renewable energy generation

Slowly, the world is  turning away from fossil fuels and shifting to renewable energy. World’s carbon footprint reaching to dangerous levels. The future of clean power generation relies among engineers and scientists who devise efficient and effective renewable energy systems on a large scale. Renewable energy is for the future of the planet. While researching for the most efficient and effective renewable energy systems most countries utilize the present systems.

One the best islands to utilize the renewable energy is Eigg. It is a Scottish island which is relies almost entirely on renewable energy as sources of power. This island made things possible making it as a model of clean power generation in the world. This island utilizes wind, solar, and hydro technology. The island is frequently visited by  renewable energy researchers as  the go-to location of  across the globe to check how communities there make it possible. Eigg is a 30-square-kilometer island has used off-grid electricity since 2008.

How does it power generation in Eigg works?

Moreover, the sun, waves and wind are all used to ensure that there is enough electricity for Eigg. These energy systems comprising about 90 to 95 percent of the island’s daily power. The Scottish island has 3 hydroelectric generators – one larger 100kW hydro turbine and two smaller 5-6kW units. While the wind turbines have capacity of  4 6kW. Also, the their photovoltaic array produces 50kW . It has also  two 70kW diesel generators only for backup.

Eigg Electric is community-owned company which managed by the residents themselves . “The whole thing is run by and for the island,” said ex-Eigg Electric director John Booth. The rich sources of power that Eigg also have a downside. The residents are limited to use power which is only 5kW of energy use at any one time. While the business owners are limited to 10kW. As an estimate, 5kW is equivalent to running a kettle and a washing machine altogether.

Furthermore, their power will temporarily cut off with a small fine if they exceed the limit. Sounds good right? To get it back up, they have to call Eigg Electric for restoration of power. While that may sound unfair for most of us, it has worked so well in Eigg. Lastly,  If Eigg can do it, your community can also do it!