Grains are seeds that are dry, hard and small. It can either be with or without attached hulls or fruit layers. It nay also be for human consumption or animal feeds. However, the grains mist undergo a process in order to determine if it is for human consumption or animal feeds. The essence if grains to rice processing is obvious, it is the actual by product processed in order to make rice that marks a great value to agriculture and is a human necessity.

Rice processing is very crucial in terms of handling the grains. Its dryness should be strictly maintain. Moreover, grains have a certain moisture content in its seeds to avoid fungal or microorganisms that would ruin the quality and affect the safeness of the rice. Grains are vital to human life because it gives energy to sustain every human activities everyday. These grains provide a good source of carbohydrates to keep us going through the day. The rice biomass can also be converted into biogas.

Enumerated here are five essential machines for rice processing that would make the process a whole lot easier, low cost and timely:


  1. Rice Thresher– this machine allows to separate the paddy and the rice biomass. This is a farm equipment the removes the seed from the stalks and husks. It is varied out by beating the plant to make the seeds fall out.


  1. Paddy Cleaner and De-stoner– the function of this machine is to make sure that the paddy is clean. It eliminates foreign material such as straw, chaff, weed seeds. Rice processing is a necessity, therefore the cleanliness of the product is very much important.


  1. Rice Huller– this agricultural machine is used to automate the process of removing the hull or the chaff or also called the outer husk of the grains of rice. Hulls are the hard covering of the grains that functions as a protection.


  1. Rice Whitener– this agricultural machine is specially design to remove the bran layer of the grain without destroying the rice. It also makes the rice color white. The whitening effect is because of the vertically maintained abrasive rollers in the adjustable screen chamber.


  1. Rice Drying System– is a machine used to maintain the dryness of the rice which is a great factor of the whole process. The machine includes flat bed dryer, blower and furnace in order to make and keep the rice dry. Farmers may also use sun drying system to cut expenses.


Rice processing is a  vital component of a successful agricultural system because rice is a necessity for most people in some countries. It is in agriculture we should process rice because there many countries who depends on this. The production of this is a focal point to agricultural enterprises. We strongly believe that it is possible that each one of us could take part in feeding the world. As people in agriculture, it is indeed and undeniably true. We Feed the world.