Farm power should be harness properly to have a good supply of power. In producing farm power we must know the different energy sources to have a sustainable environment. Sustainable agriculture is defined as the production food, fiber or animal products using farming techniques that protect the environment, public health, human communities and animal welfare.

It is the opposite of conventional farming which refers to terming system which include the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides herbicides, heavy irrigation, intense tillage and energy intensive agriculture production. Furthermore,  with conventional farming it destroys environment and disintegrates public health. With alternative agriculture energy systems it limits emissions produce by agriculture. Agriculture is one of the industries that has high carbon emissions. Of course, this stresses the need for alternative energy sources.

Common Energy Sources:

energy sources

  • SOLAR ENERGY- It is the energy that enters the Earth. This energy is the one responsible especially movements of different kinds of energy in the world. There is immense energy present; however, not all energy enters the earth. This energy used through different kinds of solar panels in order to convert this energy to electricity. This electricity is further used for different kinds of farm mechanization and many more.


  • WIND ENERGY- It is one of the oldest energy sources being are by man. It was used to process different kinds of grains by having blades and gears built in or the structure which is called windmill. In modern times, this energy through the rotor. This energy is corrected into electrical energy. Before, this wind energy technology is produces noise pollution. Developments made the conversion better with less noise pollution.


  • HYDRO ENERGY- Fuel are for free in this energy. This technology is commonly found in mountainous areas. Energy production is using the law of gravity. The production of this energy great depends on the amount of water in the reservoir. Finally, reservoirs should be maintain properly to ensure that there is less soil deposition to ensure good amount of water. Hydro energy is a great source of power with good environmental impact compared others.


  • BIOMASS ENERGY- The most widely used energy before the discovery of fossil fuels was biomass. People were dependent on burning biomass for energy needs. As the emergence of fossil fuels there was significant to be good source energy. Biomass is good for the environment because emission are carbon neutrals. You grow/take out carbon from the atmosphere and convert into biomass which later can be burned. The drawback is that takes out a lot of land and time for production.


Future of agricultural energy production:

  • TIDAL ENERGY- There is a new farm power now which is from near the sea or on the sea. Moreover, it produces different kinds of crops integrated with aquaculture. This tidal waves are form movement of water turbines. This energy source is used to desalinate water, irrigation, lightning, and many more.


  • BIOETHANOL, BIODIESEL, AND BIOFUELS- The production of this one are based on certain crops and plants which produces alcohol. The production of this kind of energy takes time. It is also a green energy which produced through distillation and condensation. However, producing theses crops are fossil fuels which makes it inefficient.


  • BIOGAS ENERGY- First and foremost, this  form of energy production produces a lot biomass. However, the burning biomass energy is not the only way to produce energy. Biomass decomposes through time by exposing it to factors of decomposition. In the decomposition process it produces harmful kinds of gases destroys atmosphere. In addition, by capturing harmful gases let it undergo combustion that breaks the bonds of compounds of the gases. Thus, this can also be for electrification and more.