Agricultural Engineering is the branch of engineering associated with the design of farm machinery, soil management, land development and agricultural structures. It is an engineering field which deals efficient planting, harvesting, storage, and processing of farm produce. In addition to that, Agricultural Engineering is also concerned with the overall bio system of the farm. Moreover, it is the combination of electrical, mechanical, civil, chemical and electronics engineering in relation to farm operations.

Engineers for the World

Engineers in these field integrates technology in order to develop and improve farming system. They design machine and equipment that work efficiently. These innovative designs performs new tasks that would enhance the scheme in farming. Agricultural Engineers aim for the advancements of methods and equipment’s that are used for land preparation, planting and harvesting. They find better and more efficient ways in order to get the job done. They incorporate precision and smart technologies. Improve existing ones for the intention of betterment the system of farming in a particular place. These engineers also solve ways on how to reduce farm produce loss and field damage.

Agricultural engineers is in the pursuit of development and modernization of agricultural systems.  It is a discipline which has its areas of specialization to further improve particular aspects in farming and its related activities.  The following are the areas of specialization involved in this discipline: