Important Apps Every Engineer Should Have

Determining the best app to recommend to an engineer is somewhat ambiguous. The app market is currently flooded with so many apps of which some are both useless and substandard. But they are also some handy apps that in no small means eases the work of engineers. Such apps helps in field works, giving you timely and uninterrupted access to your data and important reports. The continuous boom in smartphone market is promptly followed by high rise in apps ad well. The leading smartphone operating system platform (iOS, Android and windows) has always kept up with the trend. Various O.S platform have respective stores where their users can assess these apps. So regardless of the platform, users are guaranteed to get useful apps to aid them in the discharge of their duties.

Here Are a List of Useful Apps for Engineers

  1. Engcalc – this app provides engineers with handy formula and a huge list of property table for mechanical, machine design, fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer, HVAC and automotive related calculation. You can use the app to easily and speedily perform the actions.
  2. iEngineer – this app offers a database comprising of information on screws and bolt. It gives you info on how much force or drill you should use for whatever scenario. It literally puts back your basic engineering textbooks in your palm.
  3. SST Software – Sirrus app for iPhone and iPad provides a platform for agronomist and farmers to collaborate on important farming decisions. The app makes important data relating to the farm accessible for both parties. When connected to the app, field data is available even offline and it allows sharing of information between users. Features of the app include: safety info, recommendation reports, product labels etc.
  4. AgriSync – this is another impressive app for farmers. With this app, you can connect with and get support from advisors on issues on the farm. You connect and get real time video support from different agricultural companies. This app is available for all mobile device platform.
  5. Engineering professional – this is another great engineering app. It is a database of formulas for almost all aspect of the engineering field. This is a very handy reference tool especially for engineering students.
  6. AutoCAD 360- this app is very popular among engineers. It is used to view, edit and share DWG drawings. It is handy and can be used in the field, office or in a meeting to make notations and revisions to drawings.

In conclusion, they are so many apps out there for engineers. While they are obviously some useless ones, they are also some important ones. It all depends on your need and where you search. Engineers in all aspects of the job can take advantage of these apps to ease their job and speedily get work done.