Revolutionary Start-up Business changing the Philippine Agricultural Industry

Entrepreneurship is the ability, capacity and willingness to create, organize and manage a business venture with a specific idea along ready to take the risk. Nowadays, many millennials are now engage in making their own business. These millennials are unconventional and are willing to take the risk. They dream of being their own bosses in their own business. These millennials are engage in making business through selling products in face book, blogging, investing, trading and many more. However, only a few is directed towards social entrepreneurship.


Cropital: Grow your Money. Help our Farmers

Moreover, one of the best social entrepreneurs that found that is creating a worldwide buzz is Cropital. It is a globally recognized organisation whose development is being supported by institutions in the US, Netherlands, Malaysia and the Philippines. This is a social enterprise providing farmers access to scalable and sustainable financing. The company provides you as our users and investors an opportunity to directly impact a life and at the same time grow your money. By joining the Cropital community brings our smallholder farmers a step closer to the hope of a better life. In Cropital, doing good comes with great rewards. Net profit sharing scheme has been put into place to secure sustainability and scalability. Use cases and historical statistical data show rates of returns for users, ranging from 3% to 30% in less than 6 months time.

Furthermore, why is there a need for this start up business? We all know the importance of agriculture in world. There is a big problem of food scarcity, energy demand are to be by agriculture. In the Philippines, agriculture is the second largest employers in the country. The average income of farmers are $40 dollars monthly. Most of the farmers in the Philippines are old and lacks good amount of capital. Moreover, there are two out three Filpino Farmers are living in poverty line. Why are they poor? Most farmers are not able to add value to their produce because capital. Thus, This limits their ability to have better income.

Passive Income for Investor who wants to change lives

The investor must first choose the farm that they opt to invest on. Once you have decided which farm/farms to invest in, you can either invest or pledge. The minimum investment for this beta run is ₱ 5,000.00 or $100 dollars. 

Option A: In order to directly invest, you must have sufficient credits on you virtual wallet. You can do this by adding money to your virtual wallet through bank deposit.

Option B: In the case that you haven’t deposited any amount on your virtual wallet yet, you may choose to pledge. All pledges are given 3 working days to deposit the payment. It should be noted that the platform does not limit the amount of pledges. A pledge will only be converted to investment once the deposit has been made and verified by Cropital. The amount deposited should be at least in equivalent value of the amount pledged. Any excess of the deposited amount shall be credited back to the user’s virtual wallet.

When you have successfully invested in a specific farm wait to reap your profits. Farming is not like trading or stock market which you can gain money in an instant. However, I assure you this money will surely help humanity. The funds and resources will then be utilized to improve production. We are the ones managing the fund for the farmer making sure it goes to the right resources and making sure you’ll get your return on investment. After the harvest and once the produce has been sold, the capital will return to the investor’s wallet together with the profit shared.

Starter Tips in Cropital Investing

First, learn more about agriculture what are the ins and outs. The most important rule investing:  know what you are investing. There are many technicalities in agriculture but you need that anyway you just need to understand the whole process of agriculture business. Research on the crops that you are investing. Look for future demand of the crop. Especially, when you are investing long term. Also make sure to invest in a location which less prone to extreme weather conditions. Read more articles about the crop and the news regarding it. Investing is a like gambling sometimes you loose and sometimes you hit big. However, the cool thing with this investment is that you are gaining money while helping farmers. Happy investing investors!