Planning to have a Bee Farm/Apiary?

A bee farm is a place where honey bee colonies are taken care of by humans in order to collect the honey. Other products are also produced by bee hives such as, beeswax, pollen and royal jelly. It also aims to pollinate crops or to produce bees for sale. Bee farmers aim to run in a profitable business through management of supplies of honey bees. In order to maintain a sustainable bee farming business, the honey bee stocks should be guaranteed and well managed. Farmers should ensure the bees are kept at optimum condition, healthy, and disease free.

Here are four steps in order to create a successful bee farm business:

In creating a bee farm you always to consider that pollination is a real game changer. Make sure that the environment has a lot of flowers to make pollination possible. Honeybees collect and store nectars. Honeybees also collect pollen which supplies protein for bee brood to grow. It is also advisable to include some fruit trees in your environment to create a symbiotic relationship as bees are great factors for fruits to grow. It is strongly discouraged to apply pesticide that can be harmful for bothe the bees and plants and also to make sure that they honey produced by the bees are safe and without any harmful chemicals mixed into it.

The Warre Garden Hive Construction Guide provides a step by step process on how to create an easy beehive that is safe for your bees and guaranteed that the beekeeper can remove that honey from the hive with the least disruption possible. It’s steps require simple and low-cost matierials. It also includes photographs that makes it more understandable to you.  The book used a simple approach, so all people at all ages could easily understand the steps and instructions given in the book. There is no amount of complexity in this book because every step is simplified and straight to the point.

In aspiring to have your own bee farm you have to be knowledgable enough about bees and how they work in their colony. Honeybees are divided into three social caste that determines their role in the colony. Ther social caste also provides the amount of labor they have to do, thus the colony is made up of thousands of individuals functioning as one unit.

The Queen. There is only one queen bee in each hive. She is also the only reproductive indiviudal among the colony. There are two circumstances where she leaves the hive. First, as a virgin queen to mate. And second, as an experienced queen with a swarm. During mating period, the queen locates a drone congregation area to maete that reaches upto 80 unfertilized eggs before returing to the  eehive. She will then store all these sperm touses for the rest of her life. Approximately, her life span last upto 5 or 6 years.

Worker Bees. These bees are sterile females who are responsible for the foraging, feeding of you, honey production and storage, wax production, cleaning and serves as defenders of the hive against inteuders. The life soan of the these bees are about 4-6 weeks during active season. As time goes by, their repsonsibilities becomes riskier.

The Drones. These are male bees in the colony. Their only task is to spreas genetics of the colony through mating with virgin queens from other colonies. After they mate, they die and are already considered successful bees. If they are unsuccessful with their sole purpose, they go back to the hive eat honey and pollen and eventually they get evicted by workers.

To further understand the complexity of beekeeping, purchase the Practical Bee Book that provides detailed instructions and explanations about understanding how beekeeping works. It is laid out in a simple approach where it is easy to understand. It also has tips on how to earn a huge sum of momey through correct beekeeping. Once you discover how specific and simple the instructions in this book are, I am 100% sure that nothing could keep you from all the success through bee farm that you rightfully deserve.

The location of the beehive is a fundamental aspect in creating your own bee farm. In order tk achieve the ideal location for beehive you should consider its accesibility. An easy access would help you tend to your beehive. A dappled sunlight. Choose a spot that receives just an adequate amount of sunlight, be careful and protect the colony from overheating so make sure you also put it in some shady place. Plants around the area is not only helpful for pollination but is also for protection of the hive against different elements. Keep in mind that the bees will stay active aslong as the sun is shining.

Bee Farm is not only about gaining income or for any business purposes, it also provide a great contribution to the natural environment because honey is part of the natural chain of life. Honeybees generate as the best pollinator in different agricultural industries. Basicaaly, pollination is transfering grains of polen from one plant to another in order to fertilize ovaries of flowers. Wind can already be a factor in pollination but bees make the process of pollination faster. Honeybees also help in the preservastion of our forest because they also contribute to the pollination of trees. In other words, honeybees tend to keep our ecosystem alive, the bees are valuable to us more than just providing us sweet and tasty honey.