Aquaculture vs Traditional Agriculture

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Image Source: Modern Farmer What is Aquaculture? Aquaculture , also known as shellfish or fish farming. There different fish farming activities which are  breeding, rearing, and harvesting of plants and animals. In which, these animals and plants are found in all types of water environments including ponds, rivers, lakes, and the ocean. This industry produces [...]

Drone as Artificial Pollinator

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Drone as Artificial Pollinator   Pollination is done by insects and animals which allows plants to reproduce. There are two types of pollination the self-pollination and cross-pollination. Fertilization cannot be complete without the transfer of the pollen from the male part of a flower to the female part of another flower. A new invention has [...]

Crop Insurance as our shield for our hard earned money against climate change

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Saving my farming investment! The world depends upon agriculture for food, green energy and clothes. There about 1 billion people who are employed agriculture. Agriculture is an important sector in every in this word. For most of the countries in world depends on their agricultural produce. It stresses the importance of agriculture in whole world should [...]

Five Golden Nuggets in Public Speaking

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The 5 ways to improve your Public Speaking Skills for Engineers Public speaking is one the weakness of engineering fresh graduates. Engineering is undeniably one of the most difficult higher programs that have gained so much respect and attainment as it paves it way to development and modernization all over the globe. The downside [...]

How to handle Stress

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Debugging stress Stress is the body’s way of responding to any physical, mental and emotional threat to one’s well-being. It is mostly triggered by pressure and an overwhelming amount of workloads. Engineers’ job can get really stressful. Work-related stress is inevitable to an engineer. Burned-out and exasperated engineers deliver sub-optimal or mediocre outputs. Engineers’ [...]

10 Basic Tools Used For Woodworking

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Woodworking is the act of making wood into useful and decorative items. It includes cabinet making, wood carving, joinery, carpentry and wood turning. In terms of woodwork, it pertains either for practical uses or for decorative purposes. The only limit to woodworking is your imagination. For most carpenters this is their hobby. When you [...]

What are the fields/ courses in Agricultural Engineering?

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Agricultural Engineering is the branch of engineering associated with the design of farm machinery, soil management, land development and agricultural structures. It is an engineering field which deals efficient planting, harvesting, storage, and processing of farm produce. In addition to that, Agricultural Engineering is also concerned with the overall bio system of the farm. [...]